Apr 29, 2013

Tradition Begins: The First Miss Tooele City Pageant

The Miss Tooele City Pageant is a community celebration of patriotism and talent. The contestants work hard to be prepared for their chance to shine. Chante Wouden had an exclusive backstage pass to the 2012 pageant and captured the beauty, talent, patriotism, and drama that took place.

Apr 22, 2013

Tigers Tae Kwon Do in Erda is Exercise With a Kick

Melanie Chacon met with Master Moon and JiWon Moon at Tigers Tae Kwon Do in Erda, Utah. Tae Kwon Do emphasizes the use of kicks for self-defense and also includes strength and endurance training with exercises. As students increase in skill, they move up 12 steps until they receive a black belt.

Apr 15, 2013

Wellness Bootcamp for You

Melanie Chacon met with Marianne Heder of Wellness Bootcamp for You and learned about the fitness program that she teaches. The bootcamp makes physical activity fun by using a variety of exercises, activities, and equipment. Good nutrition principles are also taught to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Apr 11, 2013

Absolute SCUBA Center

Melanie Chacon met with Will Rogers and Marc Memmott at Absolute SCUBA Center in Tooele and learned about many of the great resources that they offer. They have everything that new or experienced divers need. They teach classes that make it easy and affordable for you to become a diver. They have equipment for sale and rent, and also refill tanks.