Nov 19, 2013

Pit Stop Car Wash and Coffee Shop

Melanie Chacon met with Danny and Tracey Marz at the Pit Stop Car Wash and Coffee Shop and had an up-close view of their quick and thorough automated car wash. Only takes 3 minutes! Also, Tracey talks about all the great drinks they have available. Each cup of coffee is made fresh just for you.

Stansbury High Drama presents a Royal Feast

Melanie Chacon met with Glen Carpenter at the Stansbury High Drama Royal Feast fundraising activity and learned about the many activities they are involved in. A rustic dinner was served and there was a lot of fun and excitement from the king, beggars, and costumed drama students.

Nov 11, 2013

Tooele Family Brings Fall Fun Indoors

Amy Kelly met with Val Medley in Tooele and learned about their fun family tradition of bringing tree leaves into their house. Each fall they gather bags and bags of tree leaves and put them in their house so they can play day or night and don't have to worry about the cold or wet weather. It is free family fun!

Nov 10, 2013

Back Stage Pet Grooming

Melanie Chacon met with Charles Prows of Back Stage Grooming & Boutique in Stansbury Park and learned about their services. They do pet grooming for dogs, cats, and other small animals and also sell pet food and supplies. They go the extra mile to make sure that their groomers are pet friendly and your dog will be well cared for during their visit.