Do you enjoy meeting people and learning new things? Do you have the ability to talk clearly and tell a story in an interesting way? Are you able to interview people about the things that they do? Then you should consider becoming a program host for TooeleTV! Our goal is to provide interesting and informative video programs that will benefit Tooele County residents.
Experience and/or education in journalism is preferred, but not required. Each program should only take about an hour of your time, so you should be able to easily fit a couple of programs per month into your schedule.

  • comfortable in front of a camera
  • able to interview people and make them feel at ease
  • attractive and well spoken
  • able to work on location in Tooele County

Currently seeking on-screen hosts for the following programs

Program title: Pets & Animals
Subjects: pet shelters, grooming, training, rescue groups, adoptions, fish, birds, reptiles, ferrets, horses, livestock auctions

Program title: Community Events
Focus: people and events in our community
Subjects: museums, libraries, county fair, community plays, food banks, school events, health department tips, authors, artists, musicians, performing groups, haunted houses, high school mascot challenge, fun things to do

Program title: Fashion & Style
Focus: fashion
Subjects: clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, manicures, jewelry, accessories

Pay & other information:
The host pay is $15 per episode. Pay is by episode, not hourly. These positions are only a few hours per month and have no benefits. Dress, grooming, and conduct standards are the same as the other local TV stations (channels 2, 4, 5, 13). No tattoos or piercings on face or neck. Your motivations for becoming a program host should be for your personal enjoyment, personal and professional growth, and providing information to the community. You may also submit your resume via email.
Download employment application